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Hiring and selling "Healy" - a frequency therapy wellness device


Soulistic Evolution brings Newcastle and beyond the newest wearable health and wellness frequency therapy medical devices from the "Healy" range.


Elisa comes to you! and offers a free consult, bioenergetic scan and device training when you hire or buy a Healy.


Check out my HEALY SHOP for all the latest SALES. AfterPay is now available.


"Healy" is helping to reduce and elliminate conditions such as chronic pain, skeletal pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and migraine, as well as being the supportive treatment in the recovery of anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscle recovery plus so much more. 

All devices are FDA approved and have been scientifically researched by top Quantum Physicists and Practitioners in the field.

Book a free 30 minute discovery call to learn more and begin your journey.

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Welcome Healy

Healy is the first wearable frequency device that can measure your cell membrane tension and deliver individualised specific frequencies directly into the imbalanced cells.

Healy is a no pills, no potions, invention based on the science of quantum physics.

FDA approved, grade 2 medical device.


 Frequency therapy increase's the body's ATP (cell energy production), amino acid transport and protien synthesis.  

Healy allow's you to recover quicker from sickness, pain and injury.


Click on the "Discover Healy Now" button below and take an interactive tour.

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SOUL to soul

Mental and emotional health is intrinsically tied to physical and spiritual wellbeing. My counselling practise ties together all aspects of your self to address the root cause and support you in life.

Service coming soon.

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Energy, frequency, vibration


Hear your inner voice and follow your desires, passion and truth. Cut out the external pressure of the world and the people around you and find your authentic path. 

Workshops coming soon.

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Support to help you acheive

Your Health Goals.