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HOW does frequency treatment align you emotionally and physically?

The Healy frequency device aligns you holistically by restoring your cell vibration from slow, stuck and still, to a healthy resonance of -70mv. Healy frequencies create a healthy terrain within your body, which activates self healing.

WHAT does this mean?

The Healy frequencies enter directly into your cells via micro current wristbands.

The frequencies sent in, raise your cells vibration back to its optimal resonance and as a result your slow and stuck unhealthy cells start to spread apart, they start to become free from each other, free to bounce and roam.

SELF HEALING happens when cells are able to move freely and receive optimum amounts of oxygen, nutrition and light from all sides. The more cells can receive these 3 vital ingredients the quicker your mind and body begin to align.

Cells are meant to vibrate, bounce and move freely around your body just as humans should be able to roam freely around the earth.

0421193909. Call Elisa for more info.

Free Healy Consultation, Bioenergetic scan and training available when you hire or buy.

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